At Greenway, we’re proud to have an experienced and committed team behind us. A brilliant bunch of people who have helped us cultivate a great working environment.

Ever wondered what it’s like to work for Greenway and why we’re a great team to be part of? We asked our managing director Steve a few questions on what makes Greenway a rewarding place to work.

What makes Greenway a great place to work?

We constantly encourage people within the team to talk. Whether this is talking about ways of working or career progression, everyone is open and ready to listen. We take employee feedback onboard and try and work together to solve problems or improve work, always ready to try new things and to experiment with different approaches.

What is the company culture like?

Our employees are very committed and will go above and beyond to help one another. Our challenges are shared between us. This could be in the form of an engineer picking up an extra job on the way home to save the on-call engineer extra travel, or office members staying to deal with high-priority work in order to ensure the client is satisfied. We work together to ensure we deliver for our customers and that hard work is recognised and rewarded.

How would you describe the working environment?

We have a positive, hardworking, and adaptive working environment. It’s no secret that facilities management is a demanding industry, and when a problem arises, it can have massive ramifications for our clients. We therefore ensure that our employees are well cared for, and mental wellbeing is prioritised. For example, our holiday allowance is above average for the industry, to ensure our team have a well-earned break.

Can you describe three benefits of working for Greenway?

Firstly, we provide development opportunities to our employees who are seeking career growth. To help with this, we provide a tailored career progression plan for all members of the team.

And our benefits are generous. We offer a salary sacrifice pension scheme, death in service cover, and counselling for all employees with a confidential service provider in the event of a bereavement.

Finally, we try and be as flexible as we can with working hours, which benefits many of our engineers with responsibilities outside work. We’ll also considerate with our rest time benefits, so late-working engineers can start late.

How does Greenway reward its colleagues?

We strongly believe an employee’s success should be rewarded prior to them feeling the need to ask. We therefore hold pay reviews, ensure we are ahead of industry standards, and reward those who have gone above and beyond. Success is recognised by crowning the employee of the month.

We take the opportunity to diversify our employees’ skillsets; by offering tailored training to help progress their careers and increase their earning potential.

Tell us a bit more about career development at Greenway?

We hold annual reviews for every team member and set out objectives to help them improve and develop. This ensures we’re keeping up to date with new skills, while helping our team progress. For example, we allow engineers to shadow members of the management team to grow their confidence and skills, learning how they can move onto the next stage of their career.

Can you tell us about Greenway’s apprenticeship opportunities?

So far, we have taken on two apprentices this academic year and we have a variety of adult apprentices and trainees within our regional teams. As a company, we strongly believe that we have a responsibility to train the next generation of engineers and managers to ensure the ongoing skill shortage within our sector is closed and doesn’t affect Greenway or our clients. We believe the biggest factor in success is passion and desire, and everything else can be taught.

Are you considering starting a rewarding new career? We’re always on the lookout for friendly, dedicated individuals to join our team. Head to our careers page to see the current vacancies we have on offer.