The Covid-19 lockdown has presented some unique challenges especially where urgent work has been needed in premises that are currently closed but would otherwise be badly damaged.

When Integral contracted the services of Greenway to repair a water leak at HSBC Cirencester recently, this was further complicated by the additional security required for the works and restricted hours on-site.

Water ingress had caused ceiling damage inside the staff toilet area and initially the client requested only redecoration works, the water leak repairs having been carried out by others. However, once the ceiling was exposed it was identified that two of the joists were rotten requiring additional works. An uplift was approved and additional labour and materials were quickly planned in. The scope of the work was now extended to the isolation of electrical lights and the removal and replacement of the damaged ceiling and joists before reinstating the light fittings.

Instead of extending the schedule, the Greenway team attended in multiple shifts, cooperating with staff and keeping the client regularly updated with progress. The works were completed to a high standard and in a timely fashion to minimise interruption and further damage. The staff at the branch were very happy with the quality of the works completed and the professional, flexible manner in which the work was carried out.

Working closely with our clients to come up with creative solutions in challenging situations is one of Greenway’s core strengths and is helping the company gain recognition in the industry.

If you need any works carried out during lockdown, please get in touch. (All essential health and safety precautions are automatically assessed and undertaken as standard).