PROJECT: 046PR | TYPE: Roofing & Guttering | CLIENT: Integral | LOCATION: Corporate Bank, Cardiff |

Roof and downpipe repairs to major high street bank in city centre location caused by build-up of debris on flat roof and inadequate drainage system. Greenway was called in.

Following the site survey, a high volume of moss, silt, leaves and debris were found on the flat roof. The downpipe was blocked and the existing drainage layout was proving insufficient to take the volume of water in torrential downpours. The guttering was found to be resting on breeze blocks on top of the roof. In addition, the existing lay of the roof sloped back on itself and away from the outlet, requiring modification.

1. The works had to be undertaken within normal business hours with minimal disruption to banking operations. 2. Strict safety standards had to be adhered to when using access equipment for high level works in confined spaces, as well as cordoning off safe working areas. 3. To comply with current social distancing and hygiene procedures, the team was required to adopt additional health and safety measures at all times.

After erecting fixed scaffolding with a handrail, the team removed the existing drainage pipework and replaced it with a more substantial bore outlet and new guttering. A larger snowbox was installed to enable a greater flow of water from the roof and positioned higher up the wall so that the new guttering could be rerouted into a better position.

The slope on the roof was then modified to provide the correct downfall to the internal downpipe drain. The roof was cleaned and wire-brushed in preparation for the installation of a rubber roof compound system. Repairs were also carried out to any damaged lead flashings. The whole area was cleaned and all waste cleared from scaffolding to finish.

The result is a completely watertight, re-angled roof and drainage system to enable the optimum flow of water and avoid any potential water ingress. The Greenway team not only carried out the essential repairs but also put in place additional measures to vastly improve the entire area, to minimise future issues for the client. The roof and downpipe repairs were completed on time and to budget, to the complete satisfaction of the client.