PROJECT: 018PR | TYPE: Roofing | CLIENT: Integral | LOCATION: Corporate Bank, Gloucester |

repairing heavy water damage


Greenway was called in for repairing heavy water damage. Roofing and redecoration works to repair water damage to major high street bank in busy city shopping area, involving multiple services, equipment and teams, to very tight deadline. 


A comprehensive inspection of the water ingress into the bank’s premier office areas on the second floor was undertaken. Scaffolding was erected in order to gain access to the north and west elevations and a CCTV survey on the downpipes in the drainage system was also carried out.


1. Safety was paramount to ensure the protection of public access on this busy high street at all times. 2. It was essential to carry out the works outside of normal business hours to minimise disruption to banking operations. 3. A tight schedule had to be adhered to due to an imposed embargo to meet the deadline for the illumination of the Christmas lights.


Roofing teams cleaned out blocked cast iron downpipes and debris in the hoppers and parapet using video evidence to demonstrate clearly where the water had been leaking in.

Internal works to 2 offices on the second floor was carried out including carpet tile refurbishment, cosmetic redecoration, wallpapering and replacing damaged ceiling tiles. Downstairs in the banking hall, further redecoration and repair to the ceiling area, 5-6m high, was completed using internal scaffold towers. All scaffolding was removed upon client sign-off and out of business hours.


Further investigations on another part of the building to carry out similar services was requested by the client, after the successful completion of the initial project. repairing heavy water damage was another successful completion for Greenway.