PROJECT: 021PR | TYPE: Fabric | CLIENT: Integral | LOCATION: Nielson, Oxford |


Greenway was called in for the removal of a partition stud wall and making good to suspended ceiling and flooring gaps once removed.


Dismantling of partition wall between 2 offices, estimated to be 100mm thick. All waste to be removed from site being mindful not to disrupt the office area and to plan the works out of hours, protecting goods and decor throughout.

1. The fixings were not readily available for the suspended ceiling out of hours, and the wall  was thicker than expected. 2. This caused a run on for the works but our team assessed and completed accordingly once the fixings were sourced and additional labour provided. 3. The works had to be undertaken over a weekend to cause minimal disruption for staff.

The team worked together to take down the partition wall working in sections to remove the fabric coverings, timber frames and boards. All waste was carefully removed in a tidy fashion whilst protecting the working area at all times.

New fixings were sourced to add to the gap left in the suspended ceiling to match the existing. With the partition removed, the ends of the walls were made good and additional tiles were added to the floor space void that was left, to blend in accordingly.

No further works required at this time. The client was happy with the completed works on the partition stud wall and the offices were ready to hand back to the client and staff on the Monday morning, with minimal impact on business hours.