PROJECT: 019PR | TYPE: Roofing | CLIENT: Integral | LOCATION: Corporate Bank, Fareham |

leaking roof

Roofing repairs caused by water leaks in very large atrium in the centre of major high street bank’s head office, covering staff cafe and walk-through with heavy, daily footfall. The leaking roof had to be repaired.

A detailed inspection revealed moss build-up over time on the rubber seals preventing the proper functioning of the drainage system, causing leakage below. A report was provided with photographs and grid references of every section identifying the worst affected areas in the leaking roof. Greenway was called in.

1. Access to and the survey of the 100 glass panel atrium, 30-40 feet high.
2. The transportation of scaffolding to the roof via the main internal access routes in order to avoid excessive, additional cost to the client. 3. A tight schedule to minimise the impact on the staff and access to the cafe below, whilst ensuring safety at all times.

Using bespoke, aluminium scaffold towers, small enough to go in through the main lift shaft, the survey team was able to access the roof. Whilst there, the glass panels were thoroughly cleaned with high-pressure water-jetting and bird excrement removed.

This required multiple 4-man crews working in shifts to complete the work in 4-5 days. Further recommendations were provided to the client in respect of other badly affected atrium sections. The leaking roof was fixed. Prior to the works, a meeting was held to manage client expectations about the work and the anticipated disruption to staff.

With teams still on-site, the client requested quotations for 3 further jobs to be carried out at the same time for repairs to flat roofs.