PROJECT: 045PR | TYPE: Refurbishment | CLIENT: Integral | LOCATION: Corporate Bank, Pontypool |

internal structure repair

Internal decoration and internal structure repair works to the stairway & staffroom of a major high street bank in a busy shopping area following repairs to the roof & skylight caused by water damage. Greenway was called in. 

Using stairway access platforms and running boards, it was found that some of the ceiling area had blown and was free from the concrete roofing structure. A large area in the main stairway wall was also discovered to have blown, as well as major water damage to the kitchen area.

1. It was essential to undertake the works within normal business hours and minimise disruption to banking operations. 2. To comply with current social distancing and hygiene procedures, the teams were required to adopt additional health and safety measures at all times. 3. Strict safety standards had to be adhered to when using access equipment for high level works in confined areas, as well as cordoning off safe working areas for the protection of the team and the staff.

The loose plaster was removed from the ceiling areas, followed by a scratch coat and a finishing coating of plaster. Once dry, these areas were sanded back and repainted.

In the kitchen area, repairs were made to the damaged area above the door. After hacking out and leaving this area to dry, it was filled and decorated. Above the kitchen units, the lining paper was removed, replaced with new and re-decorated to match the existing colour. 

All other adjacent areas were decorated to match. Once completed, all rubbish was removed from the site and the whole space cleaned, including all the carpets and floors.

The result is a refreshed, relaxing space for the staff which complements the professional working environment. Internal structure repair was successful. Greenway has delivered a hard-wearing solution suited to constant, daily use which also fulfills essential environmental, health and safety requirements. The project was completed on time and to budget, and the client is very satisfied with the works carried out.