REACTIVE: RE035 | TYPE: Roofing | CLIENT: Kier | LOCATION: MoJ, Pontypool |

Drainage issues on a flat roof repair area of a government building resulting from heavy downpours, threatening the integrity of the roof and potential internal damage. 

Using suitable access equipment, the flat roof area was inspected to ascertain the effects of sustained, heavy rain causing water to hold on the roof. Insufficient drainage was identified as the problem, necessitating the installation of additional guttering and a downpipe.

1. Safe, suitable access for qualified engineers was essential. 2. Access to the building had to be planned around normal working hours. 3. The works needed to be completed in a period of dry weather.

Additional guttering was installed to fit the length of the flat roof, together with a downpipe to run directly into an existing drain. The roof covering and seals were checked and the drain cleared and cleaned. A flush test was carried out to ensure the water was draining away correctly and adjacent areas cleaned down.

The drainage system improved accordingly and no further work was required. If left unattended, the integrity of the roof could have been compromised causing potential internal damage and significantly more costly repairs. The flat roof repair was completed to plan and on schedule with no impact on working hours.