Diocese of Bath and Wells

Why Greenway was called in: The Diocese of Bath and Wells were troubled by their building management system (BMS) which was affecting both their heating and their cooling. The challenges included difficulty regulating their internal heating and temperature control, and issues with their plumbing, electrical and HVAC. This was resulting in high energy bills, and they were concerned about their impact on the environment. Their broken BMS was contributing to an uncomfortable experience for their visitors and colleagues.

Our work: The Diocese were keen to reduce its carbon footprint and fix its temperature control system. We completed a thorough assessment of their building management strategy, ensuring synergy between our plan and their control systems.

We assessed the BMS that controlled the heating, lighting and automated temperature control systems. We discovered that unregulated and faulty use of these had caused damage to it. The heating and air conditioning were often running simultaneously, causing them to work against each other. We prepared a 10-page audit, identifying key pressure points. We adapted our plan of action to focus on certain prioritised areas which considered their budgetary constraints.

The result: We’ve addressed the most urgent challenges and have helped recover functioning temperature control within the building. And we’re about to carry out the remaining recommendations. The Diocese of Bath and Wells has already seen the impact of our work with energy costs decreasing significantly. Our expert team will continue to carry out additional repairs without damaging the building’s original structure while implementing measures to prevent further deterioration.

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