From How, to GSH, to Interserve, to Integral – Steve has been working in hard and soft facilities services and management for two decades, initially serving his apprenticeship in 2001 in commercial trades as an electrician, leading all the way to him setting up Greenway in December 2018.

Steve’s enterprising spirit throughout his career often landed him in business development roles, whilst working on the tools at the same time. At Greenway today, Steve can still be found setting up contracts one day, working on-site the next – this ‘all-hands-on-deck’ philosophy being the premise upon which Greenway is founded.

Steve likes to take pride in being able to lead in a crisis – an essential skill for any successful manager. He jokes about how his very first day as a trainee apprentice was on September 11th 2001 in a high-rise office building! “People around me began panicking as they heard the news about the attacks in New York, thinking we might be next. If I’m honest, I wasn’t entirely sure whether this was part of the training, so it was a ‘baptism of fire’ in how to remain calm under pressure even though we were 3000 miles away… in Birmingham! That day has stayed with me my whole career.”

His first job as an electrician was at How Engineering, a highly respected heavy industrial engineering company which later became part of Interserve Group. Working in statutory maintenance, Steve then started working for GSH UK (George Scarr-Hall, est. 1895) on reactive and planned jobs as a multi-skilled engineer, at the HBOS headquarters in Bristol (now headquarters for Lloyds Commercial Finance). He recalls how enlightening it was to provide facilities services for such a modern, state-of-the-art building like this at the time.

Whilst still at GSH, his duties began to extend to other HBOS commercial properties, including in the nearby coastal town of Clevedon, where he completed his 11kv electrical substation training. Other notable stints included working at the Hayles Cake Factory and Clerical Medical, another very high-spec building. Then, as a mobile service engineer for Nokia and Royal Sun Alliance, Castle Park he served as a multi-skilled engineer. This experience gave Steve invaluable insight into how to best serve and manage high quality hard and soft facilities in a dynamic technological environment (not forgetting fresh pastries every morning…!).

From there, his career began to move increasingly more into management on various commercial sites across the country. One job he particularly enjoyed was working as the sole engineer on the 300 year-old Royal Sun Alliance building in Henley-on-Thames. “It was a wonderful building to have the opportunity to provide services for”, he recalls.

After 2012, Steve returned to Interserve FM as Site Services Manager, then for the Ministry of Justice/Home Office working as a full-time manager in total facilities management, coordinating a team of around 50 people from engineering to landscaping and cleaning.

In 2015 an opportunity to take on the role of Facilities Contract Manager at Bristol-based facilities management company, Almeda, came along where he was responsible for Bristol & Bath Science Park, Savilles, Navidia, Blue Venn, Lambert Smith Hampton, to name but a few.

Then it was onto Integral in 2016 for 2 years as Contract Manager, managing the entire Co-operative Estate, consisting of 500+ buildings serviced by a large regional team. From there, he was head-hunted by Bristol-based Lancer Scott in 2018.

It wasn’t long before Steve’s enterprising spirit really kicked in when he was offered the opportunity to work as a company director of an FM start-up. Despite high expectations, the experience was marred by crisis from the start, spurring Steve on to make the decision to create his own company and the birth of Greenway Facilities Services.

If you’d like to speak to Steve or any of our staff about how we can help your business with the supply of facilities services or management, please contact our office today, on 0117 287 2574.