A recent project for HSBC in Cardigan, on behalf of Integral, required a flexible approach from the team working around trading hours and at the weekend, to minimise the impact on business for the client.

During the site visit, water ingress was found to have penetrated into the office behind the cashier’s desk area and required the installation of a tanking system on the wall to prevent further damage.

Before the commencement of works, the team lifted and removed carpets and furnishings from the treatment areas, as well as a radiator and its associated plumbing. Electrical circuits and telephone/alarm circuits were isolated, and switches and sockets removed from the area of work. Corrugated plastic protection boards with taped joints were laid to prevent any potential damage to the floor area.

The existing scratch coat and plaster was removed from the internal wall within the rear office, taking it back to the brick work. All resultant debris was cleared from the property. The surface was then prepared by removing any plaster remains and wooden plugs, and pointing up any large holes. Two coats of Drywall Porestop Waterproof Slurry were then applied over the damp area, in accordance with our specification for a long-lasting salt retardant system. Once this was dry, these areas were re-plastered with a scratch coat and finished coat of plaster.

After a period of 7 days, our site surveyor returned to check that the walls had dried and confirmed an attendance date to redecorate. Finally, all the walls were then sealed and painted with an undercoat and topcoat; the upstands were cleaned and glossed. The light switches, radiator and all electrics were reinstated on completion of the works.

The entire site was cleaned and all waste removed from the site. The carpets and furnishings were reinstated and the entire area left in a ready-to-use condition.

Understanding and working around our clients’ trading hours at the same time as ensuring the health and safety of all staff at all times, whilst delivery work of the highest standard are always top priorities for the Greenway team. If you have a similar project you’d like to discuss, please get in touch.