Despite unexpected problems revealed in the course of some projects, when teams work well together, these obstacles can be overcome and the project still delivered on time.

That’s precisely what happened when Kier contracted Greenway to undertake a project at Westbury House, a government building, in Pontypridd for the Ministry of Justice in May 2020.

High level repairs were requested to guttering and downpipes as well as minor repairs to a flat roof area. This was the result of water ingress into the main reception area from a leak on the flat roof and the poor condition of high level guttering and downpipes around the building elevations.

With scaffold installed and the work underway, defective ridge tiles were exposed creating a health and safety issue requiring immediate attention. This necessitated additional work to modify the scaffold, the application for a licence on one aspect in a public highway and the sourcing and replacement of the ridge tiles.

With that completed, the rotten fascia and poor guttering at the rear and the guttering to the side of the property and downpipe were replaced; flat roof minor repairs were completed to halt water ingress into the public area.

Despite the additional works, the scaffold, roofing and projects teams all worked together to complete the works on time to the highest levels of health and safety without compromise. Flexibility and cooperation were key to the successful completion of this job and these are key attributes that Greenway is particularly proud of.

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