Why Greenway was called in: This was a facilities management project to convert an old high street bank building into a banking hub. In the current economic climate, more people are looking for financial consultancy. However, fewer people are attending their local bank branches. This means that for many banking companies, it is inefficient to have permanent branches open in certain locations. So, this banking hub will house different UK banks for temporary periods, keeping banking accessible for everyone, but saving companies from having redundant branches open.  


Our work: This is a particularly big job for us as we are responsible for the whole project, from electrics and air conditioning to ceilings and partitions.  The project will take a whole team of Greenway experts to ensure that all aspects are finished to the highest standard. We’re especially excited about this project as it is the perfect example of the end-to-end solution Greenway can provide.  


The result: We have been given 7 weeks to complete our work and once this facilities management project is complete, we may be called in to construct more banking hubs. We’re proud to announce that we’re not just on track but are ahead of our programme!