Thanks to our thorough investigation and attention to detail when surveying any project, the Greenway team will endeavour to identify any secondary associated issues that can be swiftly rectified at the same time, saving the client money in the long run.

In this case, following a recent site visit to HSBC Kingswood to investigate water ingress on the 3rd floor wall, the team also identified an area on the side wall above the adjoining property where the pointing had failed within a specific area. 

In order to carry out the works, access had to be gained via the flat roof area of these adjoining properties. Using crawling boards laid on the roof, the team was able to rack out and repoint the area showing signs of deterioration. The entire area was then coated with a marine sealant to eliminate any further penetration due to the potential porous quality of the actual bricks. The cement flashing was coated with a sealant and air bricks installed on the outer wall as an effective preventative measure.

If you have similar repair works or a facilities management project – no matter how big or small –  that you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch with our friendly team today.