Sustainability is a key priority for us at Greenway. We’re always trying to improve the ways we work to become more sustainable as a business, both now and in the long term.

Recently, we sat down with our managing director, Steve Green about how we plan on meeting our sustainability goals.

What actions is Greenway taking to become a more sustainable business?

When a customer requires a callout, we make sure the engineer with the correct skills attends to reduce the number of return visits we need to make. Not only does this cut the amount of time the work takes, but also reduces our emissions from being out on the road.

We’re keen to embrace new technology for our clients. This is why we’ve been introducing solar and heat pump technologies to ensure that we are meeting our client’s requirements.

When it comes to keeping things eco-friendly in our office, we use sustainable materials and supplies. We’ve also gotten into the habit of composting our teabags and coffee grounds – the whole team’s in on it! Whenever we can, we give away our equipment and furniture to charities. This means that people who need them most can get use out of the items and less waste goes to landfill.

We’ve also given our management team the freedom of hybrid working. It’s a win-win because it cuts down on those pesky CO2 emissions from commuting via car, and we’re all about keeping travel to a minimum when we can.

What are Greenway’s sustainability business goals in the short, medium, and long term?

For now, we’re encouraging our clients to choose repairs where possible to minimise the waste involved with replacements. Whether it’s reusing old roof tiles during big renovations, swapping out thermos cutouts instead of the whole water boiler, or just giving fittings a makeover instead of replacing them.

Looking a bit further down the road, we’re open to talking to clients to help them save energy in the long run by introducing LED lighting, improving insulation to be more efficient, and going electric for heating and hot water instead of gas.

Can you tell us about your electric car charger’s installation?

Recently, we’ve invested in training for our electrical team so they can design, install, and maintain EV chargers for our customers. As a result, we have carried out numerous car charger installations at commercial properties.

We have also introduced electrical vehicles to our fleet to work towards our vision of having an entire fleet of electric vehicles by 2026. This will allow us to drastically cut down our emissions and lead to a Greener(way) future.

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