Facilities Management: Brixham Project

Why Greenway was called in: This was a facilities management project to convert an old high street bank building into a banking hub. In the current economic climate, more people are looking for financial consultancy. However, fewer people are attending their local bank branches. This means that for many banking companies, it is inefficient to have permanent branches open in certain locations. So, this banking hub will house different UK banks for temporary periods, keeping banking accessible for everyone, but saving companies from having redundant branches open.  


Our work: This is a particularly big job for us as we are responsible for the whole project, from electrics and air conditioning to ceilings and partitions.  The project will take a whole team of Greenway experts to ensure that all aspects are finished to the highest standard. We’re especially excited about this project as it is the perfect example of the end-to-end solution Greenway can provide.  


The result: We have been given 7 weeks to complete our work and once this facilities management project is complete, we may be called in to construct more banking hubs. We’re proud to announce that we’re not just on track but are ahead of our programme! 


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Major project begins for high street bank

Our expert team of surveyors and engineers has just begun a major project for a leading high street bank in Newport, Wales. Major repairs and restoration to the front and rear of a Grade II listed building, dating back to the 1890s, is being undertaken.

The scope of the works includes roof works, stonework repairs, stonework clean, refurbishment of over 100 sash windows, replacement lead gutters, rendering repairs and rear external decoration works. The project is estimated to take 14 weeks.

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Expert surveying and preventative works for HSBC

Thanks to our thorough investigation and attention to detail when surveying any project, the Greenway team will endeavour to identify any secondary associated issues that can be swiftly rectified at the same time, saving the client money in the long run.

In this case, following a recent site visit to HSBC Kingswood to investigate water ingress on the 3rd floor wall, the team also identified an area on the side wall above the adjoining property where the pointing had failed within a specific area. 

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High level repairs to atrium roof for HSBC Cardiff

Persistent water ingress into a building accessed by the public and staff is a problem that cannot be ignored. In this case, water was leaking from a glass ceiling onto the internal mezzanine floor inside a branch of HSBC, potentially causing a health and safety hazard.

Following the multiple site visit by Greenway engineers, it was determined that access to the roof and skylight could only be achieved by erecting fixed scaffolding from the rear of the property. This would have to be accessed from the shopping centre loading bay, requiring approval by the centre manager. 

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Repair and redecoration of chimney for new client

A small project, on behalf of Lancer Scott, required the repair and redecoration of a chimney stack for a new client. Working with the tenant and strictly adhering to Covid restrictions, and health and safety regulations, our engineers gained access to the chimney at the premises, using the onsite erected scaffolding.

The chimney was then thoroughly scraped down and cleaned with a wire brush. The team also carried out a structural repair to the top of the stack, prior to redecoration. Working with our projects team in the office, the correct Dugganite masonry paint in the specified colour was sourced and collected from the only distributor in the South West.

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Planned Redecoration Works at Bristol Public House

Dating back to 1760, The Lamplighters boasts a stunning riverside location, which attracts visitors to its extensive garden area, particularly in the summer months. Its external appearance, therefore, is critical to its success and contributes to the overall customer experience.

Greenway was asked to attend the site and carry out decoration works to the external areas of the premises, to bring the building back up to a very high standard. 

Following a thorough inspection of the entire building, all areas of loose paint and render were removed and filled. Once dry, these areas were sanded back ready for painting. The front elevation and side elevation of the premises were then completely coated with a colour matched exterior paint. 

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Internal works for high street retail chain

The Greenway projects team attended a site in Poole, Dorset to repair the tiling in a staff bathroom facility which had deteriorated to a standard below acceptable health and safety requirements. Many of the tiles on the wall had already come away and, on inspection, it was discovered that further loose tiles would also need to be removed and replaced.

However, on commencement of the works, it was found that the plaster on the wall behind had delaminated significantly, requiring complete re-skimming. The team, therefore, removed the damaged plaster from the hard wall backing in the affected area as well as the adhesive to the wall adjoining the urinal. The wall was re-plastered and left to dry.

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Small roofing repairs project for new client

Greenway engineers were recently asked to attend a site for a new client on behalf of Lancer Scott to make good the verge fillets on a rear roof apex.

Once the scaffolding was erected, it was discovered that the cement had failed on both sides of the rear apex. A course of tiles was removed from the edge of the property and all loose and failed cement racked out. The whole area was brushed down before being coated with an SBR bonding agent.

Once dried, the roof tiles were put back in place. A cement mix was then prepared and trowelled carefully into the fillet, leaving a professional, neat finish. The entire area was cleaned and all waste removed from the site.

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Internal tanking works for high street bank

A recent project for HSBC in Cardigan, on behalf of Integral, required a flexible approach from the team working around trading hours and at the weekend, to minimise the impact on business for the client.

During the site visit, water ingress was found to have penetrated into the office behind the cashier’s desk area and required the installation of a tanking system on the wall to prevent further damage.

Before the commencement of works, the team lifted and removed carpets and furnishings from the treatment areas, as well as a radiator and its associated plumbing. Electrical circuits and telephone/alarm circuits were isolated, and switches and sockets removed from the area of work. Corrugated plastic protection boards with taped joints were laid to prevent any potential damage to the floor area.

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External project works for major new client in Wales

Natural Resources Wales is the largest Welsh Government sponsored body with 15 offices across the length and breadth of Wales. It was to the Cross Hands location in South West Wales that the Greenway engineers were called to carry out a survey of the guttering at the rear of the building.

Following the site visit, it was found that the building has galvanised steel boxed gutters on the roofs, where approximately 10 meters in length of guttering had come away from its fixings on the rear roof at gutter level.

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