PROJECT: GW03 | TYPE: Judges’ Quarters | CLIENT: Anonymous | LOCATION: Anonymous

Case Study:  Judges’ Quarters

Why we were called in: On this occasion, our Greenway heroes were called in because a grade II listed government building was suffering from a water leak.

In addition to the water leak which had caused a water build-up in the property’s bedrooms, the roof needed repairing; on review, we observed that the chimney needed repointing, which was a particularly complicated task, as we discovered that there was a bees’ nest inside. There was a significant amount of leadwork to also be carried out.

Our Work: This was an interesting project for us as we had to undertake a range of different jobs which required varied skill sets. Before we could begin repointing the chimney, we had to remove the bees which meant calling in a specialist team. After this we were able to set to work. We then turned our attention to repairing any water damage and put in place several preventative measures to stop the threat of damp. Amongst completing these tasks, our team focused on carrying out leadwork on the roof.

End Result: Once we had finished our job, all signs of water damage were gone. As for the roof reparations, the chimney stood tall once again and we were particularly pleased with our careful leadwork.