solar powered cabinet defibrillator

Why Greenway was called in: A solar powered cabinet and defibrillator was installed for our valued client in their retail park as they understood the value of the device and the role it plays in saving lives. When a cardiac arrest happens, a person’s chance of survival drops by 10% every minute that passes, according to Start A Heart 24:7. Given the location, installing the defibrillator required extensive groundworks and cabling. We undertook the task to install a solar powered cabinet and defibrillator.

Around 10% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from construction, this installation cut down on two days of groundworks and we didn’t require any tarmac which meant we were able to reduce the harmful atmospheric emissions produced from Tarmac to zero.

Solar powered cabinets and defibrillators are a great choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact whilst also providing easily accessible life saving devices.

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