Why Greenway was called in: We were called in for the restoring of a high street bank building. Our initial review of the listed property revealed that many of the sash windows were rotting and the decorative gables and finials, which give the building a wonderfully detailed finish, were damaged and in need of replacement. To further complicate matters, we discovered pigeons nesting at the end of one of the gables.

Our work: Restoring the high street bank and all of its historical features properly meant several key processes were required. Our heroes completed skilled timber work to replace and restore the historical gables and finials. After this, we made sure to remove and replace any rotting wood that was framing the sash windows. Amid these tasks, we removed the pigeons so that work could be completed and the property could be left bird free.

The result: Once we’d finished, we were pleased to have returned the building to a state that accurately reflected its original glory, having also implemented measures to prevent further deterioration of the building’s many stunning features.