Why we were called in:

The interior of the ground floor windows at a global high street bank in Kingsbridge, Devon needed to be repaired.

Our work:

The work required our Greenway team members to attend the site and cordon off the area at the front of the premises using barriers to allow for a full inspection, while ensuring pedestrians could pass by.

Once an initial inspection was complete, our team cut out four windowsills at the bottom of the large front windows and replaced them with new ones.

The team used dowel and glue to drill the new sills into position, which was then filled with a wood filler. Once dry, these were sanded back, and a coat of primer was applied as well as an exterior of white gloss paint which was applied once the windows were completely dry.

All the other windows were sanded back and all repairs were carried out; including the scarfing of new timbers.

End result:

The maintenance that was carried out resulted in new interior windowsills for the ground floor windows. This quick and simple work saw our client satisfied with the end result.