PLANNED: 043PL | TYPE: Heating Maintenance | CLIENT: Integral | LOCATION: Corporate Bank, Salisbury |

flooring repair
flooring repair

 A section of flooring repair in the main hall of a major high street bank causing a potential trip hazard was needed while sticking to a tight deadline. Greenway was called in. 

The removal of the parquet flooring revealed extensive damage below the surface. The screed had blown and was in a poor condition causing the flooring to lift and become uneven.

1. The exact make and model of the flooring had to be sourced, sampled and approved by the client before the commencement of the project. 2. The works had to be carried out to a fixed schedule to minimise the impact on trading hours.

A large section of the existing flooring was removed to expose the damaged area and the blown screed broken up, made good and levelled. The new flooring was installed to match the existing, after approval from the client. All damaged materials were carefully disposed of, levels checked and the area cleaned and tidied.

The works were undertaken out of business hours, working with the client to ensure all health, safety and security aspects were fully implemented.

The flooring repair project was completed as planned to a high standard and to the complete satisfaction of the client. The banking hall was operational the next working day.