electrical vehicle chargers Facilities Management Bristol

Why we were called in: For this job, two of Greenway’s electrical engineers were called in to install two electric vehicle chargers in the town of Presteigne, Wales, for a well-known brand.

Our work: Our client is the UK’s leading sustainable construction materials, road contracting and building products business. For this reason, they were keen to install electric vehicle chargers within their external car park to support their commitment to sustainability.

As there were no three-phase distribution boards with spare ways, our engineers installed a new 25mm sub mains distribution circuit to supply a newly installed eight-way TP+N distribution board, complete with the surge protection which is critical to the sites safety.

Our team then proceeded to install a set of 6mm radial circuits to supply the new electric vehicle charging point, which included a metallic cable tray as well as clipping two of the SWA cables to the external fabric of the building.

The result: To ensure that our work was carried out effectively, the installations made were electrically tested, then an electrical installation certificate was issued. As a result of our work, the back-office system of the EV chargers was then commissioned and registered, making our work fit for use immediately after installation.

It was great to see the efficient implementation and installation of electrical vehicle chargers for the client, which saw minimal disruption and speedy delivery.

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