PROJECT: GW01 | TYPE: Door Refurbishment | CLIENT: Anonymous | LOCATION: A well-known high street bank building

Case Study: Door Refurbishment for well-known high street bank building

Our Greenway heroes delivered:

Why we were called in: We were called in to refresh and refurbish the main door to a high street bank which had suffered wear and tear through daily use, losing its original splendour. As the main door to a street facing building, our job had a big impact on the overall aesthetic of the property and customer experience. Refreshing the door gave a new lease of life to the bank’s exterior.

Our work: We had several key tasks to complete in our restoration of the six-panel door. In our initial review, we noticed that the doorbell was broken and so we made sure to repair this before moving on to restoring the door itself. This included cleaning and polishing, which brought out the historic features on the door’s raised panelling, stiles and rails. We then turned our attention to polishing the door’s hardware such as the repaired doorbell, the letter box and various doorknobs. We were also careful not to miss the door hinges, making sure that the were intact and operating smoothly. To finish, we polished the handles alongside the steps leading up to the bank’s entrance.

The Result: We were really pleased with the final result. With the door refurbishment completed and renovated, its intricate details stood out once again, suiting the rest of the bank’s wonderful architectural features.