REACTIVE: 034RE | TYPE: Building Security | CLIENT: Integral | LOCATION: Corporate Bank, Undisclosed |

Greenway had an emergency call-out for a boiler room repair. They were called to fix large gaps in the boiler room housing at the rear of a high street bank, potentially an entry point for an intruder.

The site was attended within the emergency SLA timeline of 3 hours where a 300 x 300 gap needed to be blocked off in the boiler room housing. The team also identified and recommended additional security measures to make the building more secure, to be implemented at the same time of the boiler room repair.

1. The team was required to work within restricted hours. 2. Essential health and safety, and additional security measures needed to be in place prior to the commencement of the works. 3. The building had to be secured as a matter of urgency due to the nature of the business.


After the existing timber panels were removed, the housing was made safe utilising fixtures and additional timber fittings to build a framework to brace the boiler house both internally and externally. 

As a further preventative measure, the engineer installed additional locks to the internal boiler room door on the opposite side so that, if access is illegally gained into the boiler housing, there is an added deterrent to slow down intruders.

The boiler room repair was successful. The works were completed in timely fashion to the satisfaction of the client. A quote is now being provided for a longer-term solution.