Greenway engineers were recently called to two different sites for the Ministry of Justice, on behalf of our client Kier, to carry out exterior door replacements.

At offices in Cardiff, our investigations revealed that the double wooden doors and frame to a boiler room door were rotten, making it very difficult to effectively open or close the doors, and thus beyond economical repair. Our advice was to replace these with a steel frame and doors, opening outwards, in gloss black with tower bolts to the left door and euro lock to the right door, with vents fitted to both doors. This, in turn, will minimise the need for maintenance as well as providing greater security to the offices.

Once on site, the old wooden frame was removed and a new metal frame installed. Two new metal louvered doors were fixed in place, and the frame sealed all around internally. A new metal plate was also installed and the external metal frame completely sealed.

The entire working area was cleaned of all waste, which was removed from the site. To complete the project, the team instructed the staff on the operation of the door.

A second similar project was carried out at the probation offices in Haverfordwest with the replacement of an exterior wooden door with a new steel door. After installation, the door was sealed inside and out: externally using an exterior sealant and internally with a waterproof sealant. Finally, the door surrounds were made good and painted.

These projects were completed to plan and on schedule, to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Please get in touch if you have similar works you would like to discuss – our friendly team is always happy to help.